Another wonderful spring/summer climbing season has finished and fall/winter is officially upon us, so with those shorter days and longer evenings, it is time to start thinking about putting fingers to keys and typing up those stories for the Island Bushwhacker Annual (IBA) again. Club trip leaders or members are encouraged to submit articles with photographs about their adventures in the mountains for the 2016 publication. We want to have as many 2016 trips, climbs and expeditions recorded as possible. As well as the stories we also welcome member poetry and artwork related to the mountains. In the event that we receive too many submissions, articles about the Section's scheduled events may take precedence. Please be sure to send your submission before the deadline of January 31, 2017.

As usual, the editors are all looking forward to reading those stories before they go to print and preparing them for Cedric Zala, who will then format them to the brilliant standard of the magazine that we saw last year. There are a few things that everyone can do to help save some time for the editors (please look at last year’s IBA to see how it is laid out). We know that you the authors often like to have your stories look aesthetically pleasing when they are sent in; however, please ignore that styling and follow the guidelines below!


1. Supply all text as an MS Word document or a simple text file.

2. Provide a title for the trip.

3. Date the trip below the title so we can put the story in chronological order.

4. List the participants on the trip at the end of the story.

5. Use one font size throughout, including the title.

6. Left justify everything including the title, author, date, participants and any headings.

7. Don’t indent paragraphs but do leave a line between them.

8. Only italicize or accent special words, or to indicate where you would like the photo to be in the text. 

9. Use just a single space between words and when starting a new sentence. 

10. Use metric measurements for distances and heights (with a space between numbers and units, e.g., 10 km, not 10km) and Celsius for temperatures.

11. There is no limit to the number of stories you can submit but do keep in mind the length of the story.


1. Pictures should be supplied as high resolution JPEG photos (a minimum of 1200 x 1550 pixels or the Hi setting on your digital camera. 

2. Please limit your number of photos to 3 or 4.

3. Do not imbed the photos into the story! Send them as separate files. 

4. Each photo must have a corresponding caption indicating the location and identification of the feature (if relevant) and the names of the people in the picture (if known). 

5. Captions may be included either as a block at the end of the article or separately within the body of your text to help indicate where the picture is to be placed in the final layout. 

6. Ensure that each caption refers to the file name of its associated picture so the editors can place the caption correctly with its photo.

Please be aware that your story may not look exactly, word-for-word, the same as when you sent it in, as the editorial committee may make minor changes to avoid ambiguities and to help the story flow better. However, every effort will be made to keep your story in the original tone and voice. We are aware that there are authors who write puns and obtuse references and buried sarcasm that might be got by only a small handful of readers, but might nevertheless be much appreciated by them. The editorial committee will be very careful when making changes, even in spelling and grammar, and if unsure they will contact the author to clarify their intended meaning.

Cedric Zala will act as the “post box” and collect all the material for the IBA. Please make your submissions by emailing text and digital images as attachments to Cedric at