Contributors Guidelines for the Island Bushwhacker Annuals

The following are a few helpful tips that anyone who has a story for the Island Bushwhacker Annual can check to see what the editorial committee would like or not like to help make their job a little easier. Any formatting you do will have to be removed manually; this not only takes time, it may also lead to mistakes that remain undetected until it is too late. We know that you the authors like to have your stories look aesthetically pleasing when they are sent in, however, if you could ignore that styling and: 

  1. Use one font size throughout including the title. The editors will change the story to the font and size for the layout design.
  2. Do not use full capitalization for either title, subtitle or emphasis within paragraphs.
  3. Do not bold or underline the title of the story.
  4. Left justify everything including the title, author, date, participants and any headings.
  5. Date the trip so we can put the story in chronological order.
  6. List the participants on the trip and ensure you have the correct spelling of not only their names but any others mentioned.
  7. Do not use tabs or otherwise indent the new paragraph but leave a line between.
  8. Only italicize or accent special words and where you would like the photo to be in the text.
  9. Single space between words and new sentences. I know many people still double space between sentences but one is good.
  10. Place punctuation inside double quotation marks (e.g. Strathcona is a "Climbing Mecca." not Strathcona is a "Climbing Mecca".)
  11. Avoid the use of the ampersand &
  12. For distances and heights try to use metric measurements and for temperature Celsius.
  13. There is no limit to the number of stories you can submit but keep in mind the length of the story.
  14. Please be aware that your story may not look exactly, word-for-word, the same as when you sent it in as the editorial committee may make minor changes to avoid ambiguities and to help the story flow better. However, every effort will be made to keep the story in the tone and voice of the author. We are aware that there are authors who write puns and obtuse references and buried sarcasm that might be got by only a small handful of readers, but might nevertheless be much appreciated by them. The editorial committee will be careful when making changes, even in spelling and grammar and if unsure will contact the author to clarify their intended meaning.
  15. Please submit an email address with your submission.

Always back-up your work regularly!

Pictures must have a caption indicating location and identification of the feature (if relevant) and the names of the people in the picture. Picture captions, in italics, may be included in the body of your text to help indicate where you would like the picture to be placed in the final layout. However, the final decision of the placing of the photo will be at the discretion of the layout designer as the layout itself dictates where the photo can be placed. All text should be supplied as an MS Word document or a simple Text file.


High resolution photos (a minimum of at least 1600 pixels on one side or the Hi setting on your digital camera) should be supplied digitally as JPEG, TIFF or PSD files in the RGB color space (not CMYK). Larger file sizes allow the most leeway for design purposes. No colour or tonal adjustments please.

Please make your submissions by emailing text and digital images as attachments to the “Traffic Manager” Cedric Zala at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..